Jess Thom
Biscuits Without Borders: An Open Conversation
October 27 | 12.00 h
Admission free
In English + simultaneous translation into German + DGS + English audio description + english subtitles

In a global political climate that seems more polarised and divided than ever, artist, writer and activist Jess Thom and curator and researcher Noa Winter discus the importance of creative intersectional collaboration and solidarity across borders. The conversation will be open and inclusive, taking a relaxed approach and welcoming input from all. Having met each other previously at several key events, this is the first time that Jess and Noa will get to discuss the ideas that they care passionately about.

“Traveling internationally helped me appreciate how local systems and structures can impact on disabled people’s experiences and expectations. Making opportunities to discuss Disability Culture and Justice in a more global context feels exciting and essential.”

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Jess Thom and Noa Winter’s conversation takes place online in English spoken language with English audiodescription. There are English subtitles and a translation into German Sign Language by Oya Ataman. The conversation will go on for 60 minutes, followed by a 30-minute-long Q&A. The conversation is as relaxed as your home environment: Make yourself comfortable and adjust the sound volume and light level on your computer to your needs. If you want, you can turn on and off during the show, retreat to another room for a break or simply close your laptop. Silence is, of course, not obligatory. The information on accessibility is continuously updated. If you have any questions or require further information, please contact Gina Jeske: or 030 29 87 00 35.

JESS THOM is co-founder of Touretteshero and may or may not lead a secret double life as a superhero. Artist, playworker, and expert fundraiser, Jess currently helps coordinate a large play project in South London. Jess has had tics since she was a child but wasn’t diagnosed with Tourettes until she was in her twenties. With some encouragement from her friends, Jess decided to turn her tics into a source of imaginative creativity and the Touretteshero project was born.

NOA WINTER is a curator and dramaturg with a focus on disability arts and accessibility. They are currently working as a coordinator for the Berlin-based project Making a Difference, which supports disabled and deaf dance professionals. Their main interests are the self-determined working methods of disabled, queer and chronically ill artists, aesthetics of access and questions of antiableist curating. Most recently they co-curated the symposia Making Theatre Accessible – Be prepared to make mistakes and Exploded Times, Mad Spaces – Disability Arts & Crip Spacetime.

WITH Jess Thom and Noa Winter simultaneous translation into German Barbara Kagon, Jil Richter DGS TRANSLATION Oya Ataman, Katharina Cordts english subtitles Veerle Haverhals

Realised with funds from the Capital Cultural Fund. Media partner: taz. die tageszeitung.