Simone Dede Ayivi + Kompliz*innen
The Kids Are Alright
Installation | Performance
October 21 | 20.00 h
October 22 | 20.00 h
October 23 | 20.00 h
October 24 | 20.00 h
In German

“We want our children to have a better life,” our parents said.
“We want our children to have a better life,” we say.

The Kids Are Alright is dedicated to family stories, generational conflicts, political struggles and visions of the future in families with a history of migration. Children of the second and third generation of immigrants often live with the narrative that their parents came to Germany so that they could “build something for their children”. But what do we and our children actually want to have built – literally and figuratively? Simone Dede Ayivi and accomplices have held talks with grandparents, parents and children from different communities and present their diverging ideas of a “better life” in a performative installation.

NOTICE Since the audience can move freely through the room during the installation, it is obligatory to wear a mouth and nose cover.

The video and audio installation in German spoken language lasts about 40 minutes and can be visited by 15 people per time slot. The installation uses rapid light changes and video cuts, as well as sudden loud music. The volume can be adjusted individually by each visitor via his or her own headphones. Silence in the audience is not mandatory. Visitors can move around during the show. Therefore, it is obligatory to wear a face mask during the entire performance. If you prefer to sit down or stay at a place of your own choice you are welcome to do so and won’t miss any content. Podiums and swivel seating elements without backrests as well as two beanbags are available for seating. If you need a break, you are welcome to leave the room and re-enter at any time. It is possible to retire to the foyer and bar area on the ground floor (accessible via staircase or elevator) or to the courtyard. The information on accessibility will be continuously updated. If you have any questions or require further information, please don’t hesitate to contact Gina Jeske at or 030 27 89 00 35.

SIMONE DEDE AYIVI lives in Berlin, produces text and makes theatre from a black feminist perspective. She searches for the revolutionary spirit and solidarity in everyday life. In doing so, she treads paths of remembrance and rediscovery – making political struggles and emancipatory movements, black history and the present visible. Her performances discuss questions of representation, resistance and community. With afro-futuristic narratives she creates a space for utopias in the theatre.

CONCEPT Simone Dede Ayivi Video Jones Seitz sCenography Theresa Reiwer Sound And MusiC Katharina Pelosi LIGHT Frieder Miller PRODUCTION ASSISTANT, dramaturgical contribution Selma Böhmelmann SCENOGRAPHY ASSISTANT Chris Erlbeck Camera outdoor shots Thomas Machholz experts Nabila Bushra, Fatma Kar, Lenssa Mohammed, Dan Thy Nguyen, Kadir Özdemir PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT ehrliche arbeit – freies Kulturbüro TECHNICAL PRODUCTION Gefährliche Arbeit THANKS TO Caetano, Cynthia, David Egger, Bibiana Estavão, Hanno, Fabian Yun Arat Walter Habricht, Leonardo, Luca, Mariana, Oscar, Queila, Rosana, Philip Selmke, Sandra, Patrick Tscheligi, Tahir, Jan Weidner, Rosa Wernecke, queer ear mastering

A production by Simone Dede Ayivi und Kompliz*innen in co-production with SOPHIENSÆLE. Supported by the basic funding of the Senate Departement for Culture and Europe and by means of the Capital Cultural Fund. Media partner: taz. die tageszeitung.